Sex & relationship coaching

strengthen relationships

Increase understanding with yourself and your partner(s) to achieve your most fulfilling sex life yet with our experienced coaches.

Sex & Relationship Coaching is not like typical therapy

Sex & Relationship Coaching focuses on finding actionable solutions to reach your specific goals.

Our coaches are trained to help women improve their relationships, jump-start desire, have better sex, and more!

Odela sex & relationship coaching
General Therapy

Focused on improving sexual satisfaction

Focused on understanding sexual dissatisfaction

Coaches use an action & solutions oriented approach

Therapists use an active listening approach

Provide direct advice to help you achieve your goals

Passive approach to giving advice

Designed to as quick, targeted- solutions to solve problems

Designed to be ongoing

$125 / session

Starts at $220 / session

general Sessions

Coaching sessions that are tailored to your experiences.

Nothing is taboo, we are ready to meet you where you are at. Some common topics are:

  • Orgasm concerns
  • Low desire & interest
  • Pain during sexual activities
  • Performance anxiety
  • Keeping long-term relationships exciting
  • Body image concerns
  • Rekindling sex after kids
  • Exploring fantasies
  • Sexual abuse and trauma
  • Betrayal trauma and infidelity
  • LGBTQ affirmative therapy
Pricing & Bundles

Each session is private with your coach. They are done over secure video conferencing and last 50 minutes.

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1 Coaching Session

$150 /session

3 Coaching Sessions

$150 $140 / session

$420 total for 3

5 Coaching Sessions

$150 $130 / session

$650 total for 5

Signature programs

These programs are perfect for individuals & couples looking to improve their overall sexual satisfaction.

Jumpstart Your Libido

Get back to the basics. It is all about pleasure and your body. In these sessions you will learn how to have better orgasms, prioritize your needs, and feel empowered about sex and your sexuality.

$150 $130 / session

$650 total for 5

Sex After Menopause

Sex after menopause can be the best sex ever! Knowing what you like and how to ask for it can be liberating. Learn tricks and tips for lubricants, incorporating toys and new techniques to add spice to your sexual menu.

$150 $130 / session

$650 total for 5

Overcoming Sexual Trauma

Trauma manifests differently for different people. In these sessions we will work together to find ways to help let go of the pain of the past and move forward, so that you can have the most fulfilling, and most satisfying sex of your life.

$150 $130 / session

$650 total for 5

Why Coaching works

our coaching is designed to directly help you achieve your sex & relationship goals

  • AASECT certified sex therapists at a fraction of the cost
  • Solutions tailored specifically to you to help you achieve your goals
  • Tools to reignite passion, explore fantasies, and connect on a deeper level
  • Experiential exercises that go beyond talk therapy and lead to lasting transformation

Engage with our knowledgable Coaches.

come with us

We help women across life stages achieve their Sex & Relationship goals!

Join the community of women improving their relationship with Sex.

"Odela has done so much for me. You are a life-changing company. I used to feel pain and discomfort and barely have any sensation. I was rarely able to orgasm, especially from penetrative sex. But now all that has changed. I love having sex and sharing that with my partner. I have a new life!"

lisa v, 62

“My Nurse Practitioner was so knowledgeable and caring. She made it comfortable to discuss my sexual health. The treatment she prescribed has made a huge difference in my life!”

laura, 62